Functions And Characteristics Of Cardboard Display Racks

In addition to the traditional functions of shelves and display racks, paper display racks also have the following characteristics:
■The appearance of the paper display stand can be printed in color and is an excellent advertising carrier;
■The paper display rack is entirely (or mainly) made of printing paper and high-hardness cardboard, which is sufficient to carry promotional products and meets strict environmental protection requirements;
■Suitable for various large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. Patterns, colors, and shapes can be freely innovatively designed, and the publicity effect is excellent;
■Light in weight, can be flattened and stacked, saving transportation and logistics costs, and can be used repeatedly;
■Economical and extremely practical. After the seller has finished using it, if the product appearance pattern and other factors are improved, it is convenient for the disposal and recycling department.
■Different paper materials can be selected according to the requirements of customers and load-bearing materials, and can be combined with other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) to form a hybrid structure display rack;
■It is convenient for suppliers to transport goods directly from the place of origin to the final point of sale for unpacking and sales, saving the cost of repeated stacking and sub-packaging.

New product notification

Most of the paper display stands are advertising for new products. When selling new products, in conjunction with other mass media, promotional activities on sales paper display stands can attract consumers’ attention and stimulate their desire to buy.

Attract customers into the store

2/3 of the people who actually buy make a purchase decision temporarily. It is obvious that retail sales and customer flow are directly proportional. Therefore, the first step in promoting on paper display stands is to bring people into the store.

Lead customers to stop

How to attract consumers’ attention, products and interest, you can rely on its novel design, gorgeous colors, unique ideas and forms to attract customers’ attention, stop and stay, and generate interest in advertising products. Create new styles, eye-catching paper holders/paper displays can often have unexpected effects. In addition, on-site operations, trial samples, free tastings and other forms of store advertising also greatly mobilize the interests of customers and induce purchasing motives.

Tips for final purchase

Motivating customers to make final purchases is the core of paper display stands. To do this, we must capture the interest and excitement of our customers. In fact, the previous work is the basis for inducing customers to purchase. Customer purchase decision-making is a process. As long as the work process is promoted, the results will naturally occur.

Change salesperson

Paper display stand shows a reputation as a “silent salesman” and “loyal salesman”. Paper display racks are often used in supermarkets, where consumers are faced with many products and it is impossible to start by placing the products around an excellent paper shelf. Faithfully and continuously provide consumers with product information to attract consumers and help them make purchases.

Create a sales atmosphere

Paper display racks display strong colors, beautiful patterns, prominent shapes, humor and action, and accurate and vivid advertising language can create a powerful sales atmosphere, attract consumers’ attention, and generate impulse purchases.

Improve corporate image

Paper display stands and other advertisements can play a role in establishing and improving corporate image in the sales environment, thereby maintaining a good relationship with consumers. Paper display stands are an important part of a company’s visual image. Retail companies can store logos, standard characters, standard colors, corporate image designs, slogans, slogans and other forms on paper shelves/paper shelves to create a unique corporate image.

Holiday promotion

Paper display stands are an important means to coordinate with holiday promotions. In various traditional and modern festivals, paper display stands can create a pleasant atmosphere. Paper displays add fuel to the holiday sales season.

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