Final Packaging & Shipping​

Flat packing

Our flat packing option offers convenience and cost-effectiveness. We carefully fold and stack the cardboard displays, ensuring easy transportation and storage. Whether you have a design concept in mind or need assistance, our detailed product pages cater to both scenarios, providing insights into the creative process and design options.

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Pallet packing

From concept to sample production and efficient packaging, we ensure a smooth process. Confirm the design through color proofs and video calls, ensuring your satisfaction before mass production begins. Follow the journey from initial sketches and concept art to the final production, packaging, and shipping stages. Waiting for your confirmation is an essential step before starting mass production.


Delve into the intricacies of our production techniques, equipment, and quality control through the dedicated Co-Pack page. Witness the birth of a finished and fully packaged product, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Explore the comprehensive process, from raw materials to the final packaged display, ensuring the highest standards are met.

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Pre-pack with products loading

Discover the impact of our displays in retail environments through our Pre-Pack with Product Loading option. Engage with captivating visuals and explore the Retail Display main page to see how our displays can enhance your brand presence. Experience the convenience of having your products efficiently packed and prepared for store shelves.

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