Sample process

Our team creates precise engineering drawings and layouts. We use digital and offset printing to ensure accurate colors. Once the sample is ready, you can review it and confirm the details. Color proofs and video confirmation are available for quick approval. Simply provide measurements via video call or thumbs-up to proceed to mass production.

Digital Printing & Offset Printing Sample ​

From initial client ideas to our preliminary designs, this section outlines the journey of turning concepts into visual presentations. We showcase the sketching process, digital renderings, and the production of samples. The package includes color proof and video call confirmation, leading to the final step of waiting for your confirmation to begin mass production.

Color proof and sample Delivery

Delve into the production process, including an overview of our manufacturing techniques, equipment, and quality control measures. Witness the birth of a finished product and its meticulous packaging.

Sample confirmation

In this section, we present three packaging options: flat, 3D, and 3D with pre-installed products. We explore the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Additionally, you’ll find a link to our “Retail Display” page, offering further insights and options for your consideration.

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