How To Choose The Right Suppliers And Products?

The paper display stand uses its own advantages to explain what is a living advertisement and what is attractive. Paper display stands play an important role in terminal stores. As terminal promotional displays, the quality and overall beauty of paper display stands are very important. So how should we choose and buy? Let’s take a look at the inspection when the manufacturer completes the production of bulk goods. What issues should you pay attention to when using the product?

Cardboard Paper display stands are products tailor-made according to customer requirements. The process is roughly as follows: customers put forward design requirements —— suppliers make reasonable suggestions based on customer requirements —— plan discussion and optimization —— both parties agree that the plan is consistent and highly executable —— supply The supplier makes a quotation according to the agreed plan —— the customer determines the price – produces the sample —— confirms the sample —— re-verifies the price – signs the contract —— confirms the color of the manuscript or notifies the color —— production and manufacturing (material preparation, processing, printing , surface treatment, packaging, etc.) —— Notify inspection – shipment.

Note 1:

With the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers’ environmental awareness is gradually increasing. More and more businesses choose corrugated display to showcase their products. They all like to start at the terminal to achieve higher sales. Corrugated display can be printed with exquisite patterns to attract consumers. The merchant hands the designed document to the supplier and asks the supplier to print it on the paper display stand. Then the merchant can carefully observe the pattern on the paper display stand to see if there are missing or hidden patterns, and whether there are any defects. , if there is color difference, cracks or black spots, these are all problems

Note 2:

Take out the sample you confirmed and compare it with the large printed product. The thin material will feel uneven to the touch. There are a lot of pits on the surface, and the stiffness is not good enough, giving people a very weak feeling. Another situation where there is softness is that it has just been produced, and the glue for mounting the pits has not completely dried.

Note 3:

Some merchants found that the paper display racks began to fade within a week after being placed in the supermarket, and there were patches of color falling off. This was because the printing work was not done well and the surface treatment was not good enough, especially when doing UV. This situation occurs more often in varnish processing, so when understanding the production process, you should consult the manufacturer for more details, so as not to suffer a loss in the end and not know the reason.

Note 4:

Due to the characteristics of paper display stands, companies that customize them according to customer requirements maliciously lower prices with each other, and disorderly competition caused by counterfeiting between products is very serious, which has threatened the health and sustainable development of the industry. Many merchants use their professional reputation to attract customers. In fact, “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true in this market. If you believe in the merchant’s “preferential policies”, you will only be the one to suffer in the end, so choose For paper display stands, you must choose a regular merchant who can independently design and produce them. It is necessary to go to the factory to see the actual situation. The factory usually has samples for reference to see if the quality structure is reasonable and appropriate, so as to prevent being cheated. If you are deceived, don’t be superstitious about the so-called “years of experience, professionalism” etc.

Frequently Q&A:

  1. What is a paperboard display?
    A paperboard display is a type of display made primarily from paperboard, a lightweight but sturdy material often used for exhibiting and advertising purposes.
  2. What are the different types of paperboard displays available?
    There are several different types of paperboard displays available, including collapsible displays, folding displays, popup displays, and counter displays. Each type has its own unique features and uses.
  3. What are the advantages of using paperboard displays?
    The advantages of using paperboard displays include their lightweight, portability, and ease of assembly. Paperboard is also a more environmentally friendly material compared to other display materials like plastic.
  4. What are the different components of a paperboard display?
    A paperboard display typically consists of a base, sides, and a top. The base provides stability to the display while the sides and top are designed to attract attention and display the content effectively.
  5. How do I create a paperboard display?
    Creating a paperboard display involves several steps such as selecting the right paperboard, cutting it to the desired shape and size, folding and gluing the different components, and assembling them together. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for accurate assembly.
  6. How do I transport a paperboard display?
    Transporting a paperboard display can be easy if you follow a few simple steps. First, disassemble the display into its individual components if it’s not already disassembled. Then, place each component into its own bag or box, and label them clearly to avoid confusion during assembly. Finally, transport the bags or boxes safely to the desired location.
  7. How do I store a paperboard display?
    Storing a paperboard display is relatively simple. First, make sure to clean and dry the display thoroughly after use. Then, fold it up neatly and store it in a dry, clean area away from any potential damage sources like pets or small children. It’s also recommended to use a storage bag or box to protect the display from dust and damage.
  8. What is the lifespan of a paperboard display?
    The lifespan of a paperboard display depends on several factors such as material quality, use, and storage conditions. Generally speaking, if the display is well-maintained and stored properly, it can last for several years. However, if it’s not properly cared for or stored in a damp or dirty environment, it may degrade faster.
  9. Are there any safety concerns related to using paperboard displays?
    Yes, there are some safety concerns related to using paperboard displays. For example, if the display is not properly assembled or used in a high-traffic area, it may collapse or fall over, causing injury to people nearby. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper assembly and use.
  10. Where can I find more information about paperboard displays?
    If you need more information about paperboard displays, you can visit your local display supplier or manufacturer’s website for more information about their products and services. You can also search online for “paperboard displays” or “paperboard display manufacturers” to find more resources and information about this topic.
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