Why Are Corrugated Display Widely Used In Countries Outside China?

Paper display stands were popular abroad in the early days and have become very common in Europe and the United States. They are widely used in food, daily chemicals, electronics, clothing and other industries. However, it is still in its infancy in China and has developed rapidly in recent years. The production of paper display stands is currently distributed in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu and other regions.

As a marketing tool, paper display stands developed with POP advertising. In commodity marketing channels, the ubiquitous shelves are mostly made of iron and wood. With the development of POP promotional supplies and the further development of environmental protection concepts, people began to think about how to better save costs and improve efficiency; how to use shelves to better promote their products. Under the guidance of this concept, paper shelves came into being. Paper shelves are display stands mainly made of paper, also known as paper display stands. It is a new application attempt to transform paper packaging products into advertising media, and has a direct impact on product sales.

Paper display stands are placed in sales places and can play a role in displaying goods, conveying information, and promoting sales. They are also environmentally friendly, easy to transport, and easy to assemble. The concept of environmental protection has always been popular abroad. Many packaging companies in Europe and the United States also believe that By making paper display stands, the company’s sales capabilities can be improved, and the added value is very high, so it is widely used.

The paper display stand has its own characteristics. Its appearance can be flexible and changeable, and it can be printed with various graphic and text promotions, making it a good advertising carrier. Corrugated paper material is green and environmentally friendly, and its high-strength characteristics can flexibly match the load-bearing capacity according to the weight of different products.

Moreover, compared with other materials, paper display racks are low-cost and can save transportation costs during transportation because of their light weight. It can be flattened and stacked for transportation, or assembled and loaded for overall transportation. It is very friendly to brand owners and can meet different needs. After use, it can be recycled and reused.

Whether it is the launch of new products or holiday promotions, improving brand image, creating a festive atmosphere, and increasing sales, it is of great benefit.

The earliest paper display racks started to be made in China was around the late 1990s. After more than ten years of development, although the application of paper display stands is still not as good as that in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, it has been gradually promoted. Especially with the recovery of offline physical stores in 2023, offline consumption scenarios have become a position that brand owners pay more and more attention to.

Therefore, since the beginning of the new year, paper display stands can be seen in major sales stores, large supermarkets, chain supermarkets, etc. at any time and anywhere. There are colorful and different paper display stands with different shapes for the promotion and stacking of various commodities. Along with it, its unique eye-catching effect and strong visual impact have become an effective promotional tool for major stores and a magic weapon for attracting customers.

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